The trusts aim is to provide support men, women, children, teens and families once active cancer treatment has finished in person and online.

We are not medical professionals and the content on this website and at our events is not to be taken as medical advice.

We encourage everyone to speak with your doctor or other medical professional before making any decisions around cancer or other medical treatment.

We do our best to ensure all content is accurate and unbiased.

The majority of the content on this website and in our Facebook communities is based on personal experience which will differ for every individual, and is not a replacement for professional medical advice.

We endeavor to ensure all our speakers at our events are also experts in their field and the workshops are facilitated by those trained to do so.

C.A.R.E.S Charitable Trust

We are a charitable trust supporting women, men, teens, children and families across New Zealand after their active cancer treatment for all cancer types has finished.

Email: contact@carescharity.org.nz

Phone: 0274-865-626

Charity Number: CC57001

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